Emergency Medicine Interest Group

What is EMIG?

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is a resource for OSUCOM students wishing to explore Emergency Medicine as a career. Check back to the website frequently for news about events and resources related to emergency medicine.

What do we do?

Workshops: EMIG hosts workshops to learn clinical skills such as intubation, IV line placement, and others used in the ED. Workshops are a fun and stress-free way to learn skills you will be using on the wards, all tought by faculty from the Deperatment of Emergency Medicine. Check back on the events page periodically to see scheduled workshops.

Shadowing: One of the best ways to explore your interest in EM is to follow the doctors who do it for a living. Shadowing is easy, just contact the current VP for Shadowing with times you would like to shadow.

Tiered Mentorship: The tiered mentorship program is a unique way for junior students to network with more senior students, residents, and faculty. Tiered mentorship groups meet periodically to discuss topics related to Emergency Medicine. Contact the VP for Tiered Mentorships if you have questions.